Henry Hudson’s work offers a humorous metaphysical enquiry into human behaviour and endeavour. Employing a diverse range of mediums — including plasticine, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and drawing — he examines a wide range of themes, from exploring social stereotypes to satirising the madness of contemporary life.

Hudson was born in 1982 in Bath, England. He studied at Chelsea School of Art, London from 2001 – 2002, received a BA in 2005 from Saint Martin’s School of Art, London. Recent exhibitions of Hudson’s work include Nationalmuseum, Stockholm (2020); Inspiration – Iconic Works, Hannah Barry Gallery, London (2019); Nothing sticks to nothing, Albion Barn, Oxfordshire (2018); Henry Hudson: Jungles, Carl Kostyál, London (2017); Sun City Tanning, Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery, New York (2016); Sun City Tanning, Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery, London (2015); The Rise and Fall of Young Sen – The Contemporary Artist’s Progress, T J Boulting, London (2014); Pellegrino, T J Boulting, London (2012); Hominidae, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London (2011); A Rake Revisited, F2 Gallery, Beijing (2011); Between a Rock and a Hard Place and Roach Road, Olympic site, London (2011); The Rake’s Progress.

Hudson lives and works in London.

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