Sun City Tanning

“The jungle I see it full of obscenity; the nature here is vile. . .I see nothing erotic here, I would see fornication and asphyxiation and choking and fighting for survival.”

Werner Herzog, My Best Fiend, 1982

For his inaugural New York exhibition, Henry Hudson will create an entirely new body of work. The artist has gained recognition for his figurative paintings made from Plasticine, works charged with social commentary, steeped in references of city life and excess. For this show Hudson will produce eight large scale nature paintings which, while figurative, offer an abstract investigation into the artist’s philosophy of transgression and transcendence. Here, Hudson will be taking on the great and awe-inspiring subject of botany, observing the constant struggle for survival in the life of plants as well as hinting at Shamanic rituals of spiritual healing. These luxuriant jungle scenes allow the artist to really expand the medium of Plasticine in creating very sculptural landscapes, rich in details, colour and texture.

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