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Tastylia Tadalafil Oral Strips Without Prescription Posted by & filed under Exhibition. “The jungle I see it full of obscenity; the nature here is vile. . .I see nothing erotic here, I would see fornication and asphyxiation and choking and fighting for survival.” Werner Herzog, My Best Fiend, 1982 For his inaugural New York exhibition, Henry Hudson will create an entirely new body of work. The artist has gained… Read more »


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Pellegrino, presents plasticine works, wallpaper murals and a sculpture all conceived during a seven week residency at Villa Elia in the south of Italy, Puglia. Pellegrino, which translates as ‘pilgrim’ in Italian, is titled as such as a result of Hudson’s journey from London to the villa. It was an excursion in the same vein… Read more »

A Rake Revisted

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A selection of Henry Hudson’s large-scale paintings in Plasticine based on William Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress series of paintings, which are on show at the museum. Soane purchased Hogarth’s series of satirical paintings in 1802.  The eight canvases, which were painted in 1733-34 and are the basis for the well-known series of engravings, depict the… Read more »


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Humour is central once more in Hudson’s chalkboard drawings. He sketches the loos of public art  institutions onto Victorian chalkboards. For Hudson, the boards represent established British education  and knowledge, only to be defaced by an equally British lavatory humour. Undermining stiff class  structures, Hudson relishes in the levelling fact that no matter what their… Read more »